About Me

My name is Karl Lohde and welcome to my website. I was born and raised in Adelaide and my amazing and challenging journey has brought me to launching this fulfilling venture.

I left Adelaide in 2004 and in the many years since then, I have lived in 5 different states, met thousands of people, worked in countless different jobs in many different industries and completed a Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Bachelor of Education and a Certificate IV in Life Coaching.

All of these experiences lead me to starting Karl Lohde Personal Coaching in 2017, which I created to support my clients work towards internal fulfillment and with my passion for exercise and supporting others to develop a healthy lifestyle, I have now adapted to motivate and support the wider community to make exercise a daily ritual. The end goal is to equip my clients to develop and build the tools and habits to live a sustained, healthy life so they don’t need to hire professionals like me.

I have worked in schools, gyms and supporting people to achieve their health goals and goals in general for more than a decade now. I have created this platform to reach more people than I ever could in person, I have many skills and attributes I want to share with the world and support as many people as possible in their health and wellness pursuits.

I love what I do and I know I can help you move forward. If you desire a healthy shift in mindset, improved lifestyle and healthier future, contact me now and lets make it happen.

‘Don’t Die Wondering’ – Karl Lohde

If you want a clearly mapped out and supported health and fitness journey, fill out the details and lets get started!